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Server Time: 05/26 - 07:40PM (EST -5)
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EXP & Code Rate: 4x
Element Rate: 8x
3110 Registered Users
Launched: Nov. 3, 2017

Custom Features

Survival Project: GENERATIONS implements custom features to the game to add additional gameplay elements and customize the server. These features add Quality of Life bonuses, additional resources and more perks for premium players.
Super Silver Implementation
All Super Silver cards have been changed from their default description in-game. New descriptions at the moment cannot be added to the game as the game is currently in a locked state (client wise).

Super Silver cards will give you Premium Character & Master Card (1.2x EXP/Code), Quest Life by default.

All Super Silver cards are stackable, meaning you can use them all at once.
SS Type Ability
Fire SS - Increases EXP & Code Multiplier by 3x.
- Donate & Event Only
- Basic SS Features (C+M & Quest Life)

- Silver Charge 365 Days: 59400 Cash
- Silver Charge 30 Days: 18800 Cash
- Silver Charge 7 Days: 10000 Cash
- Silver Charge 1 Day: 2000 Cash
Earth SS - Increases EXP & Code Multiplier by 1.5x.
- Donate & Event Only
- Basic SS Features (C+M & Quest Life)

- Silver Charge 365 Days: 44500 Cash
- Silver Charge 30 Days: 14850 Cash
- Silver Charge 7 Days: 7500 Cash
- Silver Charge 1 Day: 1500 Cash
Water SS - Does not have any special features.
- Purchasable from Cash Shop
- Basic SS Features (C+M & Quest Life)

- Silver Charge 365 Days: 29700 Cash
- Silver Charge 30 Days: 9900 Cash
- Silver Charge 7 Days: 5000 Cash
- Silver Charge 1 Day: 1000 Cash
Wind SS - Increases EXP, Code & Element Rate by 2x.
- Event Only
- Basic SS Features (C+M & Quest Life)
- Stacks with Elemental Bonus

- Silver Charge 365 Days: 74250 Cash
- Silver Charge 30 Days: 24750 Cash
- Silver Charge 7 Days: 12500 Cash
- Silver Charge 1 Day: 2500 Cash

Custom Cards
SPGENS implements changes to cards. These are the list of cards that are altered.

Card Name Ability
Elemental Bonus Card - Increases Element Multiplier by 3x.
- Donate & Event Only

- Cannot be Silver Charged.
- Stacks with Wind Super Silver
Premium Event - Increases Fusion Rate by 1.5x.
- Affects Level Fusion, Skill Fusion and Fusion Cards
- Donate & Event Only

- Cannot be Silver Charged.
Level Fusion - Instantly grants the card Level 9.
- Event Only

- Cannot be Silver Charged.
Skill Fusion - Limited Distribution (Event & Loot Crates)

- Upgrades current card to Level 10 (requires Level 9 card)
- Gold Force, Fusion Mania & Premium Event card affect success rate
- Success Rate: 20%
- Cost: 1,000,000,000 (1b) Code, 200,000 Elements of Card
- Will make card untradable, and only Gold Forcable with 365 Days
- Will only change to L10 in-game.

- Cannot be Silver Charged.

Custom Items & Currencies
SPGENS adds new currencies and items to the game!

Item Name Information
GEN Coin - Custom currency used to purchase items that are unavailable in the Cash Shop.
- @gc-info & @gc-redeem commands in-game for more information.
- Donate & Event Only
Loot Crate - 2% chance for 1x SKILL FUSION CARD (LVL 10 UPGRADE).
- 8% chance for 1x LEVEL FUSION CARD (LVL 9 UPGRADE).
- 20% chance for 5x SKILL 1 FUSION CARD.
- 10% chance for 5x SKILL 2 FUSION CARD.
- 5% chance for 1x 2-1
- 5% chance for 1x 2-2
- 5% chance for 1x RANDOM SS MAGIC CARD.
- 20% chance for 1 GEN COIN and 5,000 CASH.
- 25% random Gold Force Card, 30 Days

Custom Rates
As SPGENS is a private server, we have implemented custom rates throughout the game. Most notable, base rates for all gamemodes have been increased. More in-depth changes appear in specific gamemodes, like PVP and Big Match, where rates are altered to increase re-playability and gain. Additionally, fusion rates are custom on SPGENS and are multipliable.
Visitor Bonus
Visitor Bonus still works like it did in regular Survival Project, but with additional bonuses for Cash and Avatar Coins, as well as boosted returns.

Visitor Bonuses now give:

  • 100 Avatar Coins (Standard) or 200 Avatar Coins (VIP)
  • 250 Cash (Standard) or 750 Cash (VIP)
  • 25~50 x 5 Elements of Main Character Choice (e.g Sven would give Water)
  • 50,000 - 100,000 Code

  • Custom Fusion Rates
    Because SPGENS is a private server and rates are boosted above vanilla rates, Fusions are handled differently.

    On average, to obtain a level 9 item from level 7, an average of 30,000 Elements will be used plus the code accompanied by it.

    The Fusion System is based on a variable rate. The more you fail, the higher your chance to succeed your next fusion will be.

    For Skill Fusions, Skill 1 has been left to default. Skill 2s' activation rate is 1-36%. Anything above 28% will be exponentially more difficult to obtain.

    Finally, Fusion Mania, an event that increases your chances for Fusion level ups and Skill ups can assist with your fusioning.
    SPGENS implements a minimal level to gift and trade. The minimal level to access these features is 17 (Star 1).
    Oracle Anticheat
    Survival Project is an older generation game and is prone to hackers/cheaters. With SPGENS, we have written dedicated server-side code to counteract hackers/cheaters. The anticheat system is designed to mitigate longterm damage to server economy and detect users using malicious programs while playing SPGENS.

    Server emulation developed & owned by Team SPGENS, 2017-2018.
    All client-side software, artwork and audio are rightfully owned and copyrighted by HanbitSoft & I.O. Entertainment. (2001)

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