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Server Time: 05/22 - 07:49AM (EST -5)
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EXP & Code Rate: 4x
Element Rate: 8x
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Launched: Nov. 3, 2017

Register for Survival Project: GENERATIONS - 2018 Private Server

Please note, as we are a private server, there may be bugs and unexpected behavior.


All registrations will need to be verified. Visit our Discord and use the #verification channel to ask for verification. Applications should look like this:

Regisitration Date (Approx.):
How did you find us (Facebook, Reddit, Google, Friend (Who?)):

You can still play unverified, but the following will be limited UNTIL your verification is complete.

Verification gives you access to these features:
  • Trading when above level 21+ (Moon 1)
  • Level Fusions above level 8.
  • Daily Visit Bonus
  • We do not recommend using a personal password that is tied to any other account. Additionally, all non A-Z, 0-9 characters will be REMOVED from your login info.

    Please note that usernames are CASE SENSITIVE.

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    Server emulation developed & owned by Team SPGENS, 2017-2018.
    All client-side software, artwork and audio are rightfully owned and copyrighted by HanbitSoft & I.O. Entertainment. (2001)

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