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RMT (Real Money Trading) Policy

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This page will act as the official RMT policy page. We will keep this updated at all times.

  • As of July 23, 2019, we will be enacting a new policy change regarding RMT (real money trading).
  • As of January 20, 2020, our RMT policy has been revised.

What is RMT?

RMT is defined as (Real Money Trading), where two players agree upon exchanging in-game assets in exchange for hard currency or real currency.

What is allowed now

  • Selling cards to players via Trade for Real Currencies which are privately exchanged. These trades are privately agreed on and come with no guarantees regarding the safety of that trade.
  • Card selling will NOT require any form of Trade Credit system.

What is NOT allowed

  • Selling ANY sort of in-game asset to players via the User Shop for Real Currencies
  • Selling code (soft currency), cash, GEN Coins via the Trade OR User Shop
  • Selling accounts, exchanging accounts