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Account Limitations

  • Unverified accounts will have these features disabled:
    • Trading
    • User Shop Listing
    • Daily Visit Bonus
    • Access to the Daily Mission System

Primary and Alternate Accounts

Primary accounts allow the specific account to access all features within the game. Alternate accounts can be used to complete DMS on a secondary account, as well as store extra cards.

  • Primary accounts will have access to 100% of Guild Point earnings.
  • Alternate accounts will only earn 10% of Guild Point earnings.

Primary accounts can be set once every 14 days. Alternate accounts will have a "lock" on their accounts, disabling the ability to set as primary until the 14 day session is cleared.

Account Commands

Users can use the @account command to access account settings. These must be executed in the lobby.

  • @account - Displays all account related commands.
  • @account primary - Sets the account as the primary account.
  • @account info - Displays account information.