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Each pet description is vague, and may not be 100% accurate. Pets will pick-up elements only twice per game.

    1. Pets found in the Shop
    • Green Slime**


    • Purple Slime**


    • Blue Slime**


    • Goblin Shaman**


    • Skull Mage**


    • Magma Golem**


    • Stone Golem**


    • Santa Claus**


    • Snow Man**

-Point and Code 1.2 times gain [*Update as of 2/13/19:* Point and Code rate boost decreased by -50%] -Guild Points 1.2 times more -Will pick-up elements coming by ![Snow Man](https://i.imgur.com/mYPaHdB.jpg)

    1. Pets not found in the Shop (available via GEN coin redemption only):
    • Beagle**

- Increase Move-speed for 4 seconds - Will pick-up elements coming by ![Image](https://www.spgenerations.com/assets/img/beagle.png)

    • Red Dragon**

- Fire Sphere attack, hits one monster, 20 damage - Will pick-up elements coming by - Increase move-speed twice per game ![Image](https://www.spgenerations.com/assets/img/dragon.png)

    • Leo #1**

- Critical Damage for 1.5 seconds - High Level Element pickup ability, will pick-up elements more efficiently ![Image](https://www.spgenerations.com/assets/img/leo1.png)

    • Leo #2**

- Special skills cannot be activated on you for 6.5 seconds* - Will pick-up elements coming by ![Image](https://www.spgenerations.com/assets/img/leo2.png)

    • Magic Penguin**

- Increase Magic Card activation chance by 10% - Magic that fails will refund MP* - Will pick-up elements coming by ![Image](https://www.spgenerations.com/assets/img/penguin.png)

    • Mini Pig**

- Will pick-up elements coming by - Elements picked up will double their amount ![Image](https://www.spgenerations.com/assets/img/pig.png)

    1. Pet Stealing

Some pets can be stolen in PvP game modes (such as duel, teamplay, crystal capture, etc.) by hitting them with melee attack and depleting their HP to 0. However, ownership of the pet can be reclaimed by original owner or stolen by another user who reduces the pet’s HP to 0.

With the exception of Snow Man, all of the pets purchasable in the cash store can be stolen. Snow Man and the special pets obtained via GEN coin redemption cannot be stolen.

Pets that **can** be stolen: Green Slime, Purple Slime, Blue Slime, Goblin Shaman, Skull Mage, Magma Golem, Stone Golem, Santa Claus. Pets that **cant** be stolen: Beagle, Red Dragon, Leo #1, Leo #2, Magic Penguin, Mini Pig.