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Character List

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Character List

There are 12 characters in total, with 3 for each element.

Fire Characters


Xyrho is a fire type character. His mobility, power, and skills makes him an all-around decent fighter. His Rotation Speed is one of the fastest in the game. He has great mobility and after you bear down on an opponent, it's good to use consecutive skills at a close range. As a whole, he has overall average stats, but once you make yourself proficient at using Xyrho, you can be a competent 1v1 player.


Shamoo is a fire type character. She has the highest Max Speed among all the characters of Survival Project and can easily move by flying on her broomstick. However the broomstick lacks Acceleration and Rotation Speed.


Cara is a fire type character. She is an elite assassin. She has never failed a mission. She is respected by other assassins and looked up to by younger assassins. However, even she carries burdens. She looks like a good person, but because the assassin's blood flows in her, she turns into a cold-blooded warrior when she executes a mission. She hates the two extremes sides within herself. She has hopes of living a carefree life in a peaceful world.

Water Characters


Sven is a water type character. He is the strongest character among all character of Survival Project and it has a strong body. A long-range weapon of Sven attracts the opponents, and this covers Sven's slow speed. It has good defensive power so it can be used as a decisive blow while you work as a shield for other team member in a team play. A character which makes you feel excited for blowing a punch after a moment of silent waiting. His long range attack fires projectiles that hook people back and you can KO him.


Cream is a water type character. Cream has very high speed of revolution and maximum speed. She can fly over water with her wings. She repeatedly appears and disappears and flies over to confuse the opponents in a long-range attack. When she has lost a fixed amount of energy, she shines rays of light and recovers physical strength. She can be effectively used both in team plays and 1:1 games through attacks using fast moving abilities.


Lucy is a water type character. Lucy is the only character that recovers their HP and MP of other characters among the former characters of Survival Project. She has high power of HP recovery and protection. She has balanced attacking power of both short and long distance. She has the special ability to strike other characters through magic protection.

Earth Characters


Roland is an earth type character. Roland has average speed, power and physical strength. In a close-range attack he flourishes a sword walking forward, so it cause difficulties in side attacks, but it is fast and has long shooting range. In a long-range attack, he bounces the opponent away, and while doing this, he can succeed in doing a close-range attack. Roland is a character that can be very helpful used in a frontal match in close-ranged attack.


Hazel is an earth type character. She has the highest BP and has ability to change to a bat when accelerating. She has low HP, but has the special ability to absorb 100% of the melee damage dealt to enemies into its own HP. A character that is useful in a survival mode and in team play.


Warren is an earth type character who specializes in attacks. His power and health work to his favor in close range combat. His attacks push back his opponents and his blows are very strong. On the other hand, his range for ranged attacks is short and his acceleration and spin speed is low. If you use his push attack specialty and his special ability, dash attack, to your advantage , you will be able to come up with many different fighting strategies.

Wind Characters


Aurelli is a wind type character. Aurelli's speed is the fastest among all ground force characters. In a close-range attack, she attacks opponents by rotating 360 degrees, but her range is short and exhaustion of MP is high. A character that can be useful in duel modes of 1:1 plays or team plays as a supportive role character.


Hawk is a wind type character. Hawk has the similar abilities to Xyrho but his attacking power is stronger than Xyrho's. His long-range attacks are limited due to it being shorter, but they can pass through walls so they can easily bear down the opponents who are hiding behind the walls. A character that has advantages in places which have many obstacles in maps such as Woods in Friends or Baby Ice.


Will is a wind type character. He is strong at short range skills. Along with its ground character's nature, it also can float around upon water or grass skillfully. Moreover, he can affix range projectiles wherever he wants it to locate. When you control this character's weapon skills with inaccurate hit and weak physical strength.