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Server Time: 05/22 - 07:47AM (EST -5)
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EXP & Code Rate: 4x
Element Rate: 8x
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Launched: Nov. 3, 2017


Developers & Staff of the project

Survival Project: GENERATIONS is a project run by one developer, "Qwahchees" or Justin. This project originally created by baraklevy as an emulation project for Survival Project. Baraklevy gave Qwahchees the unfinished source code in hopes to complete a working emulated Survival Project server environment.

What is our goal?

Currently, the project is near complete. We are missing minor features of Survival Project but the bulk of development is complete. Our focus is to create a server that is stable enough to handle hundreds of players as well as continuing development for those minor features.

We also want to focus on ensuring that the project will stay Pay-To-Win free unlike other SP private servers, as well as providing long term support for the 16 year old game.
How can you contribute?

If you are interested in working with the team to continue to provide service and forward our goals, you can reach out to us on Discord to discuss open oppurtunities or future ones. We look forward to hearing from you.
Have more questions?

Visit us on our Discord and ask those questions, we'd be happy to answer!

Server emulation developed & owned by Team SPGENS, 2017-2018.
All client-side software, artwork and audio are rightfully owned and copyrighted by HanbitSoft & I.O. Entertainment. (2001)

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